TwoTurtleTrend EA v1.2

A multi-strategies EA based on custom indicator 'W2P-TurtleTrend'.

You must download the relevant indicator and install it to the specified indicator folder for it to work properly.



W2P-TwoTurtleTrend EA v1.2


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These strategies include traditional trading strategies (each order has a stop loss and take profit), traditional martingale strategies (double the lot size after the previous trade hits the stop loss), grid trading strategies, and grid- martingale trading strategy. It can also be set to trade only a single currency pair or multi-currency.


The following backtest results are using grid-martingale strategy, one currency pairs (GBPUSD), stop loss 50pips, and enable "Close all positions before today". I think this setting is safer. Note: You do not need to enter LicenseKey during backtesting. W2P-TwoTurtleTrend EA Image without description